Class Description:

Computer Technology Skills is an asynchronous (everyone works at their own pace) classroom where students can choose one or more courses (depends on how many blocks they are registered for) to study for the Quarter/Semester.

The purpose of the class if to give students the opportunity to "try on" different careers before pursuing them in post-secondary. An example might be a student who is really interested in being a programmer but they've never done programming before. Rather than spend thousands of dollars in post-secondary to learn they don't like/aren't good at programming they can take it here and see how it is. If it's not a fit then the student can try something different. The course runs asynchronously so students can begin working on a course at any point in the Quarter or Semester without feeling they are behind.

Students will have access to top-of-the-line computers when they are working on their courses.

Teacher: Evan MacDormand

Courses Offered in this Class: