Course Description:

In this course, you will learn how to model, texture, and animate 3D object using Autodesk Maya. This skillset can be applied to a variety of careers such as visual effects for TV and movies, video game design, and architectural modeling.


Earn up to 6 credits

Possible Jobs / Careers Related to this Course:

  • Video Game Asset Creator

  • Video Game Environment Modeler

  • Architectural Modeler

  • TV/Movie Visual Effects

  • 3D Character Artist

  • Texture Artist

  • Concept Designer

  • 3-D Lighting Artist

  • BIM Modeler

  • Advertising / Marketing Artist

  • Rapid Prototyper

  • 3D Animator

  • 3D Modeler

  • 3-D Compositor

Possible Alberta Post-Secondary Connections to Course:

Student Work: