Course Description:

Students enrolled in this course will be provided an extensive coverage of the fundamentals of high-level language programming using Microsoft’s Visual C# for Windows. Course topics include: introduction to the C# language; C# operators and expressions; conditional statements; looping statements; top-down program development; methods; arrays and strings; and string functions. Students will have the opportunity to receive credit for a first year programming course in the DMIT program at NAIT.


Earn up to 12 credits

Possible Jobs / Careers Related to this Course:

  • Software Application Developer

  • Web Developer

  • Computer Systems Engineer

  • Database Administrator

  • Computer Systems Analyst

  • Software Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer

  • Business Intelligence Analyst

  • Network System Administrator

  • Data Analyst

  • Video Game Programmer

  • Mobile App Developer

  • Applications Architect

  • Cloud Computing Analyst

  • Information System Security Expert

  • Computer Engineer

  • Data Scientist

Possible Alberta Post-Secondary Connections to Course: