Emergency Response Career Pathway

What is the Emergency Response Career Pathway?

Are you interested in a career as a First Responder in Firefighting, Emergency Medical Services, or Police/Security/Enforcement?

The ERCP program provides classroom learning complemented by practical hands-on training, including tours and volunteer opportunities both inside the school and out in the community. A variety of First Responder guest lecturers will provide an authentic glimpse into the careers of emergency response. All students are registered in a Fitness Training class to begin to physically prepare for these dynamic careers.

In addition to studying the elements of Firefighting, Police and Security, and Emergency Medical Services, all students have the opportunity to receive leadership training and numerous certifications, including First Aid. Depending on declared interest and availability, students will experience hands-on training at live burns with Edmonton Fire Rescue Services, volunteer in the community with Edmonton Police Service, and tour an ambulance with Alberta Health Services. Students may perform wildland firefighting scenarios, visit fire halls and dispatch centres as well as STARS air ambulance and the Edmonton Remand Centre.

Photos from Emergency Response Career Pathway:

Courses Offered in this Pathway:

Possible Jobs / Careers Related to this Pathway:

  • Firefighter

  • Police Officer

  • Emergency Medical Responder

  • Primary Care Paramedic

  • Advanced Care Paramedic

  • Security Officer

  • Peace Officer

  • Armed Guard

  • Commissionaires

  • Border Security

  • Private Investigator

  • Conservation Officer

  • Fish and Wildlife Officer

  • Environmental Investigator

  • Dispatcher

  • Corrections Officer

Possible Alberta Post-Secondary Connections to this Pathway: