ERCP Level 2

Course Description:

An advanced course designed to prepare students for an emergency career pathway in both private and public sectors. Leadership and organizational training is developed throughout the course. Students will receive in depth knowledge and hands on training both on and off site. Students must be 18 years of age by September 30 (S1) or February 28 (S2).

  • Prerequisite: ERCP Level 1

  • Credits: 12

  • Fees: Under normal circumstances there is a $110 mandatory uniform fee. Currently due to COVID-19, there is only an expectation to purchase a shirt (less than $20) and supply personal black pants and shoes. Under normal circumstances we utilize the YMCA and students will need to purchase memberships at approximately $105 per semester (payable directly to YMCA and subject to change).

All students must complete a medical release and obtain a criminal check in class to participate in the course.