Fitness & Wellness

Course Description:

The Fitness and Wellness program at Centre High is a Physical Education class that focuses on students pursuing their own personal path towards fitness and wellness.

The program provides a life-long and adult approach to pursuing fitness goals through individualized daily in class training and activity. Whatever the motivation the program is all about the individual.

You will have the opportunity to workout using a variety of different free weights and machines, an assortment of cardiovascular machines, the pool, a Functional training room and at times YMCA fitness classes and the gymnasium.

The fitness facility is at the Don Wheaton YMCA as well as utilizing Edmonton's world class river valley. We have a partnership with them for membership and facility. Membership fees are at a reduced rate to CHC students and this gives students access to the Don Wheaton YMCA during class time and at any other time they are open.

Physical Education instructors and Personal Trainers are there to guide your training and help you design a personal workout program to support your path to reaching your goals. The program will include other aspects of wellness including nutrition, mental health and other fitness concepts.

Ultimately, the focus is about YOU!!

Credits: Earn credits in Physical Education 10, 20 & 30

Fees: Under normal circumstances we utilize the YMCA and students will need to purchase memberships at approximately $105 per semester (payable directly to YMCA and subject to change). At present, there are no fees as classes are held onsite.