Registered Apprenticeship Program

A Brief Overview of RAP:

This program is designed to help students start work in one of Alberta's 52 trades.

The RAP program allows high school students, male and female, to:

  • Earn high school credits (up to 45)

  • Register as an apprentice

  • Fulfill the work hours necessary for your first year apprenticeship

  • Earn a wage

  • Have the opportunity at a RAP scholarship after completion

How do I get started in the RAP Program?

The first step to officially being a RAP student is to have a job where the employer is willing to apprentice you. If you already have this, then you can immediately speak with Mr. Haynes.

If you do not already have a position then you will need to follow these steps:

  1. You need to be enrolled in at least one course with CHC (RAP is not one of the options). The course you enroll in at CHC could be anything, but remember with the RAP route, you will have to be able to handle a technical post-secondary program. Math, Science, or English courses are always a good idea, even if it’s just to improve your understanding. The Career Pathways courses are also a good way to go because they work on the practical skills that you need in the work place. Just know that you have to be on track to have a high school diploma.

  2. Once you are taking a course at CHC you will have to see Mr. Haynes. He will take you through a process where you will explore possible trades, get certifications, build a resume and a cover letter, prepare for interviews, learn job search skills, and how to network.

  3. When you have successfully gone through this process you will start to look for a position. But, you will not have to do it alone. We will engage our industry partners to help. You must be a full participant in this part of the process by looking for a job yourself. Your attendance and attitude in your course(s) will be monitored. Good attendance increases your chances getting a position. Employers want students who will show up on time and work hard.

I'm Interested! Who do I Contact For More Information?

Keith Haynes


Text: 780-700-9189

Or fill out the form below: