Course Description:

Students enrolled in this course will develop the skills necessary to take eye-catching photos. These skills include but are not limited to: correctly using digital cameras, knowing what each of the settings on a camera does, how to compose a good photo, lighting a scene and editing photos in Photoshop and Lightroom CC. Students will be able to take photos in a variety of locations around the school and the downtown area.


Earn up to 10 credits

Possible Jobs / Careers Related to this Course:

  • Wedding Photographer

  • Commerical Photographer

  • Portrait Photographer

  • Travel Photographer

  • Stock Photographer

  • Photojournalist

  • Sports Photographer

  • Wildlife Photographer

  • Influencer Photographer

  • Fashion Photographer

  • Scientific Photographer

  • Freelance Photographer

  • Film Set Photographer

  • Brand Photographer

  • Food Photographer

  • Insurance Claims Photographer

  • Military Photographer

  • Nature Photographer

Possible Alberta Post-Secondary Connections to Course:

Student Work: